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Perfect for pastoral leaders - The Empathy Programme uses the power of cinematic film, assemblies and lesson resources to develop the crucial skill of empathy in students aged 5-18 through a whole-school approach.

*Can be used anytime from 1st September 2024

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Exceptional resources for exceptional pastoral leaders

Improve Behaviour. 
Boost Self-esteem. 
Increase Empathy.

This film is for 11-18 year olds - to access the lessons, teacher pack AND to access resources for ages 5-11 (including differentiated films) hit the button below!


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Empathy is the
most important skill
that we can develop.

Empathy is the single most important skill for our personal & professional lives. It is the foundation of human connection and building a world that enables wellbeing, inclusion and collective success.

is the skill to understand another and the ability to create space for someone to reveal their authentic self whilst reserving judgement.
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We've been working with schools for 5 years


Students engaged with our programmes


Countries reached across 6 continents


Schools engaged

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Our Incredible Humans

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Stories start conversations. This coming year, our cinematic films share the real life stories of 5 incredible humans from Mexico City, providing exciting & inspiring insight into other countries, cultures & personal struggles. These films build perspective, nurture curiosity and are the trojan horse for empathy building.

Please note - our programme is age-differentiated and will be labelled as such across the resources and films.

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Our Latest Research

After The Empathy Programme, teachers report:
  • Higher empathy levels

  • Students developing as global citizens

  • Improved behaviour in school

*Based on interview & survey responses from teachers from primary & secondary schools across 4 continents in 2023.

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Teacher Testimonials

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